Review: Sliquid- Pink Lemonade

Sliquid is one of my favorite lube manufacturers so when the chance came up to check out their new collaboration with Babeland, Sliquid Swirl Pink Lemonade, I was all over it. Sliquid creates vegan lubes that are perfect for people with sensitive skin, sensitive genitals or those that just prefer to have a high quality lube without all of the funky chemicals. Like all Sliquid products, Pink Lemonade contains no glycerin, sugar, parabens, gluten, DEA, PEG, propleyne glycol, sorbitol, sulphates or animal products and is never tested on animals.


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Review: Tenga- Egg

When we first saw the Tenga Eggs in our local brick and mortar store near the beginning of the year we were intrigued- but not enough to buy a six pack, the only way the store sold them. My husband has significant girth as well as length and tears most masturbators during the first or second use and the eggs were just so tiny! Well, fast forward a few months and when the opportunity came to review a single egg I jumped at the chance. I am always up for a new toy for the hubby! (more…)

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Review: Maximus Lubricant

Ahhh Maximus… quite possibly the world’s most recommended and raved about lube. I have serious doubts about things that seem to be the Golden Ticket items- I have been let down and wasted a ton of cash on things that come highly recommended or are touted as the best thing since sliced bread (starting with the Rabbit Vibe and rolling downhill from there) so I was, of course, skeptical about Maximus. I mean come on, it’s lube and there’s nothing worse than bad lube (well, there are worse things but in the world of seriously screwing up great sex it’s pretty high up there.) I don’t really like trying out new lubes because when they’re wrong, they’re REALLY wrong- sticky, nasty smelling, stringy and, in the case of one brand in particular as well as several types of ‘warming lubricant’, flaming vag- which is never a pleasant experience.  (more…)

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Multiple choice!

Head on over to EF and check out my review of Topco’s Climax Bursts 2 Go lube set!

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Lubricant by Topco
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