Review: Incoqnito- Necktie

When the Incoqnito tie came up for review I jumped all over it- this queer loves rockin’ a good tie and the little bit of extra flash to this one really appealed to me. I received the version with a rose gold ‘knot’ which is cool, it looks awesome with my red hair and blue eyes!


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Review: LELO- Tantra Feather Teaser

Most people that are familiar with LELO know that they are creators of luxury dildos and vibrators. Recently, however, they have branched out and created sensual bondage gear such as silk blindfolds and restraints, a small suede whip and a feather teaser. I have the pleasure of owning a Tantra Feather Teaser and I can attest to the fact that it is just as high quality as the luxury pleasure objects that you are familiar with.


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Review: Tenga- Egg

When we first saw the Tenga Eggs in our local brick and mortar store near the beginning of the year we were intrigued- but not enough to buy a six pack, the only way the store sold them. My husband has significant girth as well as length and tears most masturbators during the first or second use and the eggs were just so tiny! Well, fast forward a few months and when the opportunity came to review a single egg I jumped at the chance. I am always up for a new toy for the hubby! (more…)

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Review: Reel Queer Productions- Billy Castro Does the Mission

I was looking forward to this movie a lot- it has received excellent reviews, it has a smoking hot cast, great length (70+ minutes) and I usually like Courtney Trouble’s films. Unfortunately Billy Castro Does the Mission just doesn’t do it for me. It has nothing to do with the quality of the film (which is actually a little better than some of the other Reel Queer films I’ve seen.) The music is godawful but really, it’s a porn- I’m not watching it for the music- and it’s not too horribly distracting at any point. It’s not the cast- Billy is a really hot transman, Jiz, Lorelei, Akira and Dylan are all uniquely sexy, not your average run of the mill, cookie cutter porn stars.  The movie killer for me is growling. Billy growls throughout the entire movie- getting a blow job? Growling. Giving oral? Growling. Taking off his shirt without even being touched? Yep. Growling. I am all for sexy sounds, growling, moaning and what-have-you but it’s just too much. It’s in every scene, nonstop and at the volume that the only person you’re able to hear over it regularly is Lorelei Lee in the last scene. Yes, it’s a small thing that most people can overlook (the positivity of other reviews make that clear) but it’s pervasive enough to kill it for me. I really wish it didn’t.


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Review: I Dare You

I Dare You comes packaged in a pretty red box with black lacey designs covering it, closing simply with ties of black satin ribbon. This is as discreet as they come- there is absolutely nothing about this pretty box to give away that this is a sex game. (more…)

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