Review: Ophoria- A-Chain

The first thing that drew me to the A- Chain was the amazingly awesome Electric Blue color, I am not a big fan of pink sex toys. That said, this thing could be a putrid, horrid beige and I would still love it. Yes, it is that awesome! I’ve tried a lot of butt toys, most of them plugs of varying styles and, while some have been nice, by and large they are used a few times at most, boiled to sterilize and handed over to my husband or tossed out. I have a picky butt, you see. I have yet to find a toy that will stay in without being held in place through an orgasm and only one plug that will stay in place when I move or change positions. My butt rejects pretty much everything- until now.

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Review: Tantus- Big Flirt

Okay, I will admit… the Tantus Big Flirt scared the hell out of me when I first opened it. It looked huge to me and I wasn’t sure that I would be able to fully insert it, never mind that I have played with larger toys or that my husband is considerably larger than the widest part of this plug and we regularly have anal sex. When it comes to playing with anal toys they always look larger than they really are and I have to psych myself up to use them.


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This one fits just right!

Stop in at Eden Fantasys and check out my review for Cal Exotics Love Pacifier beginner butt plug.

product picture
Butt plug by California Exotic
Material: Silicone
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