Review: Cal Exotics- Foreplay Ice

Temperature Play. In my experience people either love it or hate it, there is no middle ground. I am, most definitely, in the first group- I absolutely love it. I have considered buying one of the egg- style ice vibrators but reviews stating how weak the vibrations were coupled with the cost had me convinced I would just do without. Searah at Early to Bed hit the nail on the head when she sent me the Foreplay Ice, a vibrating ice toy from Cal Exotics.

What makes the Foreplay Ice different from the earlier versions of ice vibes is the design. The handle of the vibrator is a 3″ bulb-shaped piece of silicone with a 3/4″ wide hole for the bullet burrowing over 2″ into it. The end of the bulb that holds the ice is a full inch long and designed to sit squarely in the middle of the ice. This design works for two purposes- the first being the ice stays attached to the bulb as it melts (it does fall off  eventually but only once the ice  is about three quarters of the way melted) and the second is that the vibrations transmit very well into the ice because they do not have to pass through a large piece of silicone but rather just the tip of the bulb.

The ice portion is added to the toy by filling the flexible silicone base  with water and carefully sitting the bulb into it with the smaller end into the water-filled base and freezing. A few things to note when assembling this part of the vibe- the base comes with a dotted fill line but I discovered that if I filled it to the dotted line it flowed over and made a mess when the bulb was inserted, filling it just below the fill line prevents that. The base is very soft, thin silicone so that it is easy to peel off when the ice has formed but this softness means  that the base cannot be set on wire shelving as it bends and the ice will  be misshapen.  The bulb and base together is about 3 1/2″ tall and 2 1/8″ wide at the base including  it’s feet  so it  doesn’t need much room but it should set flat until it freezes. One final note – the manufacturer advises against freezing the vibrating bullet.

The icy head has tiny little bumps that add a really interesting sensation when the toy is in use. The bumps melt pretty quickly (I’d say after about 5 minutes of continuous use) which changes the sensation on the skin to a more firm, solid mass rather than a bunch of tiny little knobs. I didn’t prefer one over the other but I did enjoy the differing sensations as the ice melted and the toy changed shape.

Another feature that I really liked is the lip on the bulb. The bulb can be set on it’s end as long as the bullet is not inserted and, as the ice melts, the water collects in the lip around the bulb,  which can be seen in the picture. I really like the shape of the bulb- I find it much easier to hold onto than a rapidly melting ice cube. The base also provides the person holding the toy the benefit of fingers that are not freezing off and losing sensation from holding directly onto ice.

The bullet is very slightly larger than a standard micro bullet and uses watch batteries, six of which are enclosed. I’ve got to say that my first thought was an inward  groan and ‘Not another freaking microbullet!’ I don’t like them. I have found them to be weak, half the time they don’t even work and they take watch batteries which are a pain in the ass. This is the first micro that has broken two out of three of those stereotypes- it’s waterproof as long as the cap is securely tightened, it is multi-speed (three continuous vibrations) and strong enough to give a satisfying orgasm. The pitch of this is slightly buzzy, but not itchingly so, and feels really pleasurable to me. Even if the vibrations are not strong enough for some, they are still of a higher quality than the average microbullet and enhance the overall usage of the toy.  One thing I did find out the hard way- the bullet has a low power drain even when turned off. If you leave the batteries in it they will be dead by morning so be sure to take them out immediately when you’re done using it!

All said and done I really like this toy. It’s small enough that I keep it in my freezer so we can bring it out to play at any time. I love that both the base and the bulb are silicone and, as such, are fully sterilizable. I love that the bullet is multispeed and waterproof. I think this is the best designed Cal Exotics toy I have encountered which was a happy surprise. I am definitely glad to have it in my collection. Will it be used daily? No, of course not. It’s not that type of toy. But I do see many years of pleasurable use ahead for this vibe.

Much appreciation goes out to Early to Bed for sending me this wonderful toy to review. This product is not yet available for purchase on their site but they have a plethora of other awesome vibes to add to (or start!) your collection!

This vibrator was provided to me by Early to Bed free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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  17. very interesting toy… nice review :)

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