Review:Tickler- Seti Toyfriend

From the first time I saw the Seti (I first read about it in Epiphora’s review) I was intrigued but for whatever reason I didn’t add it to my wishlist at that time. It popped up again months later at Babeland (the day after I finally got around to adding it to my wishlist!) and I snagged it for review. The packaging for Seti is cute and playful in white with bright blue, yellow, black and pink writing. The sides of the box proclaim ‘I Vibrate!’ and, with a large clear window, there is no hiding the contents of the package. That said, there is no lewd writing and no airbrushed porn starlet sprawled out, legs agape for everyone to see either. The packaging in very minimal, no excessive plastic, no twisty ties and, perhaps best of all, no scissors required to access your vibrator- that comes preloaded with batteries!

The literature with Seti is very minimal, just a tri-fold booklet describing the rest of the collection. It also comes with a tiiiny sticker that says ‘I am a Tickler’- this is what separates the batteries from their contact and keeps them from draining before you get a chance to use your new vibe. I thought it was a really cute touch, much nicer than just a plain square of paper. Seti has a slightly domed bottom and cannot stand on its own but it comes with a sturdy clear acrylic base to hold it so Seti stands jauntily upright on your dresser, shelf or nightstand.

Seti is made of velvety silicone with a hard plastic body in an awesome shade of blue, I seriously love the color! The neck and head of the vibrator are made of semi-firm silicone that is flexible enough that if too much force is applied the neck will bend and flex instead of staying in place and possibly bruising your labia or clit. Seti is relatively quiet, completely waterproof and sterilisable  by wiping down with a 10% bleach solution (because of the motor please do not run Seti through the dishwasher or boil it as this will destroy your toy!)

I found the 7 1/4″ length of the toy to be perfect- not so long that it is awkward to use but long enough that I didn’t have to stretch or contort to angle it the way I wanted to. The dish part checks in at just over 1 1/2″ wide x2 1/2″ tall and cradles a 3/4″ long nub that zeros in on the clitoris with pinpoint precision. The nub is firm without being sharp and I found that the moderate intensity of the vibrations transmitted perfectly through the point, if the vibrations were any stronger they would simply be too much with such a fine point against the clit. I was actually surprised with the excellent quality of the vibrations themselves, much better than expected from two little AAA batteries.

Seti has five vibrations, two continuous and three patterns:

  • High continuous
  • Low continuous
  • Slow pulse
  • Fast pulse
  • Nearly continuous pulse

I am normally not much of a fan of patterns but I liked these, namely because the patterns had no pauses between cycles. The one thing I just didn’t understand about the sequencing- why would they put the strongest setting first?? No one I know wants to start out with the highest possible setting for their toy! This means having to cycle to reach the setting you are looking to start out with before putting it against your body- unless you just enjoy jumping out of your skin while rushing to change the speed. To turn the vibrator off simply depress the button on the end of the shaft for 2 seconds. I have read in other reviews that Seti does not consistently turn off and multiple attempts must be made but I have never had a problem with mine turning off the first time. Either I am lucky with mine or, more likely, Tickler has fixed the glitch that prevented them from turning off consistently.

This is a vibrator unlike any other I have used before, the nub delivers concentrated, pinpoint vibrations to the clit while the dish distributes a more diffuse vibration through the labia, an oft overlooked area. I also discovered an alternate way to use Seti- I really enjoy firm pressure on my clit to get off, I just get off harder with it. I wanted to incorporate the labia vibrations of the dish into this so I turned the vibrator so that the narrow neck was between my labia and the back of the dish rested against them. The vibrations transferred very effectively this way as well and I was able to use the firm silicone-coated plastic to provide the pressure against my clit.

All said and done I am really glad I picked up the Seti. I have a lot of vibrators but this one is completely unique and, for that reason, is a worthy addition to anyone’s collection. To get your own Seti Toyfriend, head over to Babeland and pick one up today!

This vibrator was provided to me by Babeland free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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  16. Such an interesting shape… I definately have to get one. :) Thanks for the review Angel!

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