Review: Ophoria- A-Chain

The first thing that drew me to the A- Chain was the amazingly awesome Electric Blue color, I am not a big fan of pink sex toys. That said, this thing could be a putrid, horrid beige and I would still love it. Yes, it is that awesome! I’ve tried a lot of butt toys, most of them plugs of varying styles and, while some have been nice, by and large they are used a few times at most, boiled to sterilize and handed over to my husband or tossed out. I have a picky butt, you see. I have yet to find a toy that will stay in without being held in place through an orgasm and only one plug that will stay in place when I move or change positions. My butt rejects pretty much everything- until now.
The a-chain is made of velvety silicone and each oval bead has just the right amount of give to it- squishy enough not to poke uncomfortably but firm enough that it is easy to insert. The beads start at a tiny 3/8″ diameter and 1/2″ long and progress in length and diameter to the sixth and final bead that checks in at 1″ diameter and 1 1/2″ long. Each of the beads is separated with a perfectly sized resting area (roughly 1/4″ in length) that stretches just a bit when the chain is held on each end and tugged.The overall length of this toy is 10″ including the handle, 8 1/2″ of that being insertable. Since this butt toy is made out of silicone be sure to use a water-based lube, you don’t want to destroy such an awesome toy by using a silicone lube! The a-chain can be sterilized by boiling, wiping with a 10% bleach solution or running through the dishwasher (top shelf, no soap please!)

One of the really nice things about the a-chain is the ability to work through the beads at your own pace. The rest area between each bead makes for an excellent stopping point and, once the first three or four beads are inserted, the rest of the beads can be left uninserted for the duration of your play session (including sex if it’s on the menu, the chain is flexible enough that the protruding end can be moved out of the way as needed without it being uncomfortable for the wearer) without worry of it falling out. The oval shape of the beads allows for a much easier insertion and a more comfortable removal while managing to stay in place during an orgasm if you choose to leave it in which surprised me- I expected the shape of them to hinder their ability to stay put but it doesn’t in the least. The issue I have with round beads is that, upon removal, I find the shape to be just a little too jarring, the POP! of each bead a little too intense when it is pulled out during an orgasm and, instead if heightening my climax, actually decreases my pleasure. The oval shape of these beads takes that jarring intensity down just enough to send another pleasurable wave of sensation as each bead pops out and makes my orgasm noticeably stronger and more prolonged. Another interesting feature of the a-chain that I wasn’t expecting is the impact the slightly stretchy nature of the silicone would have on how the toy performed. When the chain is pulled out slowly (the handle is textured so even lube- slicked fingers can manage this task with ease) the chain flexes, hesitating for a moment before springing back and the bead pops out. This added a really nice element but if it is a sensation that the user does not care for it can be bypassed easily by simply withdrawing the toy faster.

While messing around with the a-chain I also discovered an unintended bonus- it is excellent for impact play! It is a mix between stingy and thuddy that, with very little effort, is really intense. I do recommend proceeding carefully as I whacked my arm harder than intended the first blow. It really hurt and popped a nice red oval that lingered for a few hours before finally fading. That said it does make for a really fun impact device that doesn’t feel quite like anything else I have in my collection.

After use and proper cleaning I did not encounter any of the butt smell that sometimes lingers on toys that are used anally. If by chance you were to have this issue, though, simply thoroughly clean the toy and leave it out to air dry, the smell will dissipate after a few days in the open. There is a visible seam that runs up two sides of this toy but it was completely unnoticeable while inserting and virtually undetectable once fully inserted. I only have two complaints with this toy- the first being packaging. The a-chain came packaged in thin plastic that, while it has an easy-tear entry on the back, has razor sharp edges that are not pleasant on tender fingers digging excitedly to get to their new toy. The second thing I dislike actually pertains to the toy itself. Ophoria placed their branding mark in the worst possible place- on the side of the largest bead. Why in the name of all that is holy they chose here instead of the handle I will never comprehend. Fortunately for them, while it is noticeable, it is not something that ruins the toy but it does take a minute to adjust to the texture.

So the question remains, will this toy be boiled and passed on to my husband as well? After he got home from work and I told him I played with it for the first time he wanted to know what I thought. I picked it up, clutched it to my chest protectively and answered ‘This is MY a-chain! If you want one, go get your own because I’m not sharing!’ His response was a grin and ‘That good, huh?’

Yes. Most definitely that good.


This A-Chain was provided to me by Ophoria free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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  2. Don’t use such toys myself because I just don’t enjoy anything more than half an inch going in, but I liked the review.
    The description of the oval vs round and flex on the way out makes me think it would be great for a certain gal I know. She enjoys such toys right up till removal and then the pop pop pop is too intense.

    • Thanks for commenting! The shape and touch of elasticity that the a-chain has was just enough to make all the difference in the world for me. I hope said gal enjoys the toy!

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