Review: Incoqnito- Necktie

When the Incoqnito tie came up for review I jumped all over it- this queer loves rockin’ a good tie and the little bit of extra flash to this one really appealed to me. I received the version with a rose gold ‘knot’ which is cool, it looks awesome with my red hair and blue eyes!

The tie comes packaged in a simple black box made of heavyweight cardboard, the top is plain and the sides are simple- the front simply has a foil branding, one side has a line drawing of a hand gently tugging on the tie and the words ‘Necktie Neck accessory and Leash’ in fine print, the back has text in several different languages and the final side is plain. This is a sturdy box (it’s more heavyweight than a LELO box if you have one of those for comparison) can be used for long term storage of the tie or even put on the nightstand to hold condoms, lube pillow packs, bullet vibes, batteries- anything smaller than 4 1/4″x 4 1/4″. One thing I do want to mention- if you have lube or recently applied lotion on your fingers when you touch the box it will leave fingerprints!

I really wish that a little more time was spent on the design of this product, it has such amazing potential but it is very poorly executed. Perhaps the most glaring problem is the length of the tie- it’s entirely too short! The tie hits a full SIX INCHES above my belt buckle- completely unacceptable! This alone renders the tie unwearable anywhere but the bedroom for anyone except people that are quite short and have a very short torso (I am 5’9″ with a long torso which accounts for some of the difference but I have no problems wearing a standard tie.) My next issue is with the fit has to do with the fold out portion of the tie. The back portion of the tie contains a section that is 13 1/2″ long that unfolds to a width of 2 1/2″ to better support the back of the wearers neck when the tie is used as a leash. I don’t have a problem with this, I think it’s a good idea. The part I have a problem with is in order to center this at the back of the wearers neck the skinny part of the tie (the portion that is tucked through the loop on the back of a traditional tie) hangs below the end of the tie by nearly a full inch. In order for the end of the narrow part of tie to be properly concealed the foldable portion must be off-center and is, unfortunately, very obvious due to the difference in thickness and its tendency to not lay flat at the ends. My last issue is the material of the tie itself. This comes so close to being a luxury item and very well could be with a few tweaks. This is clearly marketed to be a luxury item so I don’t understand why polyester and rayon are used. It is not the cheapest blend I’ve ever felt but this tie should be silk, there is no excuse for it being anything other than silk at its current price point.

Alright, so the stats on this tie- It will fit over a head with a circumference of no larger than 23″. The longest this tie will extend is 16 1/4″ due to the handle sewn on the back (at this length the wearer can have a neck circumference no larger than 13″.) The tie at its widest point measures in at 3″ and the rose gold ‘knot’ measures in at 2″ wide. This tie is sturdily constructed with no loose threads or raw edges and will hold up to rough use.

This tie is such a sexy concept, I really hope Incoqnito fixes the design flaws with it. Unfortunately I cannot recommend purchasing it with the flaws it currently has.

A thank you goes out to Good Vibrations for sending me the Incoqnito Necktie to review!

This tie was provided to me by Good Vibrations free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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  15. Hi Dirty Sexy Thoughts!

    I’m from Incoqnito and first off, I just want to say thank you so much for taking the time to review one of our products!

    We wanted to acknowledge that yes, the tie length is not perfect for everyone, and we are aware of this issue and considering making adjustments or perhaps multiple sizes that could accomodate all users. And to address your concern about the material choice – while yes, silk is considered a luxury material for ties, scarves, etc., it frays really easily. It was definitely considered during the design process, but given the context of this tie also being used as a leash, silk just wouldn’t hold up.

    Thanks again for taking the time to review and we hope you can enjoy more Incoqnito products in the future!

    • Lauren,

      Thank you for stopping in and providing feedback!

      As I stated, I love the concept of this tie and the elegant, sexy potential it has. I do see your point with silk and, if everything else was perfect, the material difference would be insignificant. I would love to see some of the design flaws corrected (multiple lengths is an excellent idea that would resolve one of them) and see this product rise to the beautiful, elegantly sexy level it should be.

      Thank you again for taking the time to address some of the concerns mentioned in my review (and for doing so in a professional manner, I know it can be upsetting when someone critiques an item you have made!)


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