Review: Tenga- Egg

When we first saw the Tenga Eggs in our local brick and mortar store near the beginning of the year we were intrigued- but not enough to buy a six pack, the only way the store sold them. My husband has significant girth as well as length and tears most masturbators during the first or second use and the eggs were just so tiny! Well, fast forward a few months and when the opportunity came to review a single egg I jumped at the chance. I am always up for a new toy for the hubby!

Good Vibrations sent me the Clicker texture, shown in the above picture as the green egg (a good thing to note- the design on the outside of the egg is somewhat indicative of what to expect inside.) To get to the masturbator simply peel off the plastic wrapping and crack open the egg to reveal a soft, white, elastomer bubble within. Pluck this from the shell, turn it over and you will find a small removable plastic sleeve that contains a packet of lube.

Upon further inspection the elastomer reveals itself to be very stretchy, becoming almost completely translucent in use. The inside of the egg is slightly sticky in texture so be sure to use the entire packet of provided lube if the masturbator is to be used on a penis. The egg can also be turned inside out and put on the head of most wand type vibrators such as the Hitachi or the larger Fairy wands, if using in this fashion lube is still recommended but you do not need to use that much, just enough to make it slippery.

The egg we received was the clicker pattern, click the image for a larger picture. This pattern was not particularly suited for use with the Hitachi because the pattern was spaced too far apart but it did tone down the vibrations a notch or two so that the Hitachi could be used comfortably on high. The pattern worked perfectly for it’s intended purpose, however- my husband really liked it. He stated that the texture is stimulating, but not overly so, and the sensation is different than using a masturbator sleeve or Fleshlight because it is closed completely on the end and stretches tightly over the head of his penis with each downward stroke. The egg was more durable than we expected and actually held up without tearing, much to our surprise. This toy can potentially survive two, maybe three sessions of male usage and potentially indefinitely for female usage depending on how agressively you use it.

If your egg survives being used be sure to turn it inside out and wash it thoroughly with warm water and soap and allow it to dry completely before putting it away. Elastomer is not able to be sterilized so do not share it with anyone that you do not have a fluid bond with. Overall this is a great little purchase, I can most definitely see us purchasing more in the future- I think they would be fabulous for tossing into a handbag or suitcase for a little away-from-home playful surprise. It is well worth it’s low price and much more enjoyable than most masturbators twice or three times it’s price.

If you would like to pick up your own Tenga Egg, head on over to Good Vibrations- you can even pick your own texture!

This masturbator was provided to me by Good Vibrations free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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  9. I need a carton of these! Great review.

    • They are really nice to have around- and great to toss in luggage! Thanks for stopping in!

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