Review: Reel Queer Productions- Billy Castro Does the Mission

I was looking forward to this movie a lot- it has received excellent reviews, it has a smoking hot cast, great length (70+ minutes) and I usually like Courtney Trouble’s films. Unfortunately Billy Castro Does the Mission just doesn’t do it for me. It has nothing to do with the quality of the film (which is actually a little better than some of the other Reel Queer films I’ve seen.) The music is godawful but really, it’s a porn- I’m not watching it for the music- and it’s not too horribly distracting at any point. It’s not the cast- Billy is a really hot transman, Jiz, Lorelei, Akira and Dylan are all uniquely sexy, not your average run of the mill, cookie cutter porn stars.  The movie killer for me is growling. Billy growls throughout the entire movie- getting a blow job? Growling. Giving oral? Growling. Taking off his shirt without even being touched? Yep. Growling. I am all for sexy sounds, growling, moaning and what-have-you but it’s just too much. It’s in every scene, nonstop and at the volume that the only person you’re able to hear over it regularly is Lorelei Lee in the last scene. Yes, it’s a small thing that most people can overlook (the positivity of other reviews make that clear) but it’s pervasive enough to kill it for me. I really wish it didn’t.

The first scene is a solo masturbation scene that starts out with Billy lifting weights for a minute or two before jacking off while sitting on the weight bench. Solo scenes on the whole just don’t do much for me in any movie, I watched for a few minutes then fast forwarded through the remainder of this scene.

The second scene is shot with Dylan Ryan in a hot tub and it is my favorite scene. It is evident that Billy and Dylan are very comfortable with each other, the scene is playful but intense and not at all your typical corny porn hot tub scene. This scene is filled with hair pulling, light choking, several varieties of slapping, blow jobs, rimming, oral- a little bit of everything piled in with good old fashioned fucking. Dylan is smoking hot with her hair soaking wet and make up running down her face in dark streaks. My only complaint about this scene is the abruptness with which the camera changes positions- one minute it’s doggy style and suddenly it’s a cold switch to a close-up shot of Dylan riding Billy, it’s jarringly sudden. Safer sex methods are not practiced in this scene.

Scene three features one of my favorite people in porn- Jiz Lee! Jiz is one of the only people I actively search for when I’m looking over the cast of a porn- she’s seriously hot (seriously, seriously hot), dynamic and beautifully, wonderfully unconventional. This scene is a squirting, gushing, choking, hair pulling, slippery sexy mess that is, unfortunately, ruined by Billy’s incessant growling which seems to peak in this scene and drown out Jiz entirely. The playful wrestling at the beginning of the scene adds a lighthearted feeling that is carried throughout the serious fucking that follows. Some safer sex methods are practiced in this scene including the use of gloves and condoms.

Scene four features Billy and Akira Raine. I have not seen Akira in any of the porn that I have watched thus far and I would like to see her in something else. She is cute, the scene has several playful moments- laughter and sex are always a great combination- but it feels a little contrived. This scene feels like the participants are not completely comfortable with each other and are a little nervous. This is my least favorite of the partnered scenes and I feel it added very little to the movie overall. Some safer sex measures are practiced including the use of gloves and condoms.

The final scene stars Billy, Lorelei Lee and a switchy power exchange. It begins with Lorelei being quite toppy, choking, teasing and taunting Billy but it doesn’t take long for the power to switch. Once Billy flips the power he turns Lorelei into a squirting, moaning, whimpering mess- in the best way imaginable. This is a sexy scene and the stars seem to have great chemistry together. One safer sex method is practiced in this scene- the use of gloves.

One of the things that becomes very apparent in this porn is that Billy knows how to make a woman squirt- three out of the four scenes involving a partner he fucks his costar to a squirting orgasm  no less than twice- that’s at least SIX squirting climaxes in one film. This is a beautiful, wonderful thing to see- it’s not fetishized in the film but rather just a beautiful, sexy part of amazing fucking. I mention which scenes use safer sex because I prefer when safer sex practices are followed. I am also aware that there are others that, like me, prefer it just as some people that don’t want it to be part of their porn. If you are able to overlook the growling that occurs throughout each and every scene, definitely pick this porn up. I will be watching Billy Castro Does the Mission again because the fucking is fantastic- I’ll just be doing it muted with some Type O Negative playing instead.

Billy Castro Does the Mission sound right up your alley? Head on over to Good Vibrations and pick up your copy today!

This porn was provided to me by Good Vibrations free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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