Review: Tenga- Double Hole and Sleeve Warmer

The Tenga Double Hole is a pre- lubricated male masturbation sleeve intended for one time use. The 5 1/2″ TPE sleeve is encased in a 2 1/4″ diameter red and silver hard plastic case. Between the case and the sleeve is a layer of foam padding to ensure that the user’s penis does not make what I would imagine to be a rather unpleasant encounter with the hard plastic shell. This foam also ensures that the sleeve is snug no matter the girth of the cock in question but yet has more give to it than the solid masturbators like Fleshlight’s Sex In A Can series. The TPE that this sleeve is made of reminds me of the smell of Creepy Crawlers, those little rubbery insects and such that were made by baking under a lightbulb oven. That being said, the smell is not overwhelmingly strong but it is noticeable on your hands after touching the sleeve, dissipating over time or immediately upon washing your hands with soap. Both ends of the case are open and useable, the Sweet Side being a larger opening and the Bitter side being a smaller orifice and rather than a single sleeve with two openings Tenga has created two close-ended parallel sleeves that contain slightly different textures (I’ve included a shot of the Sweet Side but not the Bitter Side as I didn’t want to rip the opening, click the image for a larger view.)

The Bitter Side is only slightly more snug than the Sweet Side based upon my husband’s account but it is noticeable. With a length of 5 1/2″ anything longer than that will bottom out but, since both ends of the case are opened, the penis is able to poke out the other end, firmly encased in the closed end sleeve. My husband did state it startled him at first because it was just this strange white blob poking out the other end but figured it out almost immediately.

The Double Hole comes pre- lubricated with a water-based lube (no glycerin but does contain parabens.) This is done with little sponges stuck throughout the sleeves that are loaded with lubricant- too loaded. Upon opening the cap thick goopy lube came spilling out in such copious amounts that he had to wipe down the sleeve and clean up it’s mess before using it, not a good way to start the day. One of the little round sponges had come dislodged from it’s home and was blocking the entrance and had to be dug out so that the opening was accessible for use and, throughout use, several of the other sponges came dislodged and had to be fished out. This resulted in an overall mediocre experience with a product from a manufacturer that we have both heard such great things about that I had to contact Babeland to see if this was normal. They sent an inquiry to the manufacturer to see if this was normal and the response they received back indicated that sometimes the sponges come dislodged during shipping and that they did not change the amount of lube in the Double Hole from the amount used in any other Tenga. We happened to have another Tenga and compared them side by side for size and the conclusion we reached is that the Double Hole is smaller than the average Tenga and this is likely the issue- they did not decrease the amount of lube even though the Double Hole is smaller, resulting in an overabundance of lubricant.

The Double Hole is intended to be a single use toy however, if gently taken apart, can be properly cleaned, dried and reused. At each opening the Tenga has a ring that holds the sleeve firmly in place. Carefully take a flathead screwdriver and work this ring off both ends (or one end in the case of all other Tengas) slip the sleeve out and -carefully! these are thinner than your average sleeve as they’re meant for single use!- turn your Tenga inside out and wash with warm water and soap. Allow to air dry inside out before carefully turning rightside out and allowing the outside of the sleeve to completely dry. When you’re ready to put back into the plastic case slide the foam padding out, wrap it around the sleeve and work it back into the case, pop the rings over the ends- made sure to catch a bit of the sleeve overhang all the way around before snapping into place. Voila! A reusable new toy! Tengas will not last as long as, say, a Fleshlight, but even just two uses justifies the higher cost.

Babeland also included a Tenga Sleeve Warmer which had my husband a very happy man when I pulled it out of the box. Sadly, the joy was short lived. The sleeve warmer works in the same fashion as some of the reusable massagers- there’s a little disc floating in some liquid, snap the disc, let it sit for a minute and the liquid turns solid and begins to emit heat. The sleeve warmer measures in at 5″ long and 1″ wide and will fit most, if not all, masturbator sleeves with ease. The directions indicate that the warmer should be inserted into the sleeve for 5 minutes, but no longer than 20 which my husband followed and found that, unfortunately, it just didn’t do the trick. The warmer doesn’t give off much heat on it’s own and when slipped into a cold sleeve he found it to be even less effective. The warmer is reusable up to 30 times according to the included information- simply wrap in a washcloth and boil, taking care that the pot is large enough that the warmer does not touch the sides. Cool the warmer completely before sliding back into it’s included plastic case and store at room temperature until it’s next use.

Slide on over to Babeland to pick up your own Tenga Double Hole or Tenga Sleeve Warmer!

This masturbator and sleeve warmer were provided to me by Babeland free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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