Review: Don Wands- Rose G-Spotter

I have wanted this dildo since I first laid eyes on it in a local brick and mortar store about an hour away from where I live. Looking at it I just knew that it would work with my anatomy and it is such a pretty light pink. Obviously, when I was given the opportunity to review it I jumped at the chance. I was so right about the compatibility it’s ridiculous, this thing is fantastic! Don’t you just love a success story?

One of my concerns with glass dildos is storage- I don’t want them banging around a drawer or into each other so I really appreciate when they come with a padded bag. The Rose G-Spotter I received came with a super padded (I’m talking the bag is a good 3 inches thick on it’s own) black velvety drawstring bag that I can slip it into once it has been cleaned, tuck it in my drawer and know that there is not even the most remote chance that it will clank into something harder than it and chip it. The pouch is very well made and will likely never have to be replaced with normal use.

This dildo measures 8 1/2″ from tip to tip when measured along the outside of the curve of the shaft. The smooth curved portion of the shaft has a circumference of 2 1/2″ whereas the bubbles on the opposite end have a diameter of 4″. One important thing to keep in mind with glass dildos is that they are, obviously, unyielding which requires that one become familiar with ‘driving’ them before they hand the keys over to someone else. This enables you to know how the toy handles (does this one feel better fast or slow, is there a certain angle it needs to be held at to hit the right spots, etc) how much lube, if any, that it needs. The unyielding nature of glass lends another interesting effect- it feels larger because it has no flex (this characteristic is also shared with steel toys but, for me, is more prominent in glass.) Glass is quite slippery, enough so that I do not have to use lube with it, however if you choose to use a lubricant any are acceptable to use. This toy can be cleaned with simple soap and water or sterilized with bleach, alcohol or running through the dishwasher (no dish soap please!)

The Rose G-Spotter is perfect for temperature play and can be cooled in the fridge (just don’t forget it or you might have an interesting story to tell that neighbor that stopped by for a beer and a chat!) or in a bowl of cold water and warmed up in a bowl of warm water, being sure to test it’s temperature before using it- no one wants that kind of surprise. I love this dildo. It does not pivot when I’m using it, even if I’ve got the curved end inserted though I suppose that it could happen if too much lube is used and your hands get slippery. This toy has GPS for  my g-spot because it finds it immediately, there is no trial and error for me with this one no matter which end I’m using. The curve of the shaft is at an angle that makes it easy to hold and thrust with and I also discovered that, once sufficiently wet, the bubbled end feels amazing rubbed over the labia and clitoris. This dildo would be equally perfect for someone that is trying to learn to squirt and for someone that is already able to and just wants to add an excellent g-spotter to their collection.

Head over to Babeland to get your own because I’ll never part with mine!

Many many thanks to Babeland for sending me my new favorite glass dildo to review free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review!

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  1. Ooh, I want one! How do you get to review toys for Babeland? I am SOOOO jealous!!

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