Review: Maximus Lubricant

Ahhh Maximus… quite possibly the world’s most recommended and raved about lube. I have serious doubts about things that seem to be the Golden Ticket items- I have been let down and wasted a ton of cash on things that come highly recommended or are touted as the best thing since sliced bread (starting with the Rabbit Vibe and rolling downhill from there) so I was, of course, skeptical about Maximus. I mean come on, it’s lube and there’s nothing worse than bad lube (well, there are worse things but in the world of seriously screwing up great sex it’s pretty high up there.) I don’t really like trying out new lubes because when they’re wrong, they’re REALLY wrong- sticky, nasty smelling, stringy and, in the case of one brand in particular as well as several types of ‘warming lubricant’, flaming vag- which is never a pleasant experience. The first thing I do when I get a new water-based lube is to squeeze out a bit onto my thumb and forefinger and rub them together to see how long it takes for it to become sticky or stringy. Since Maximus is a water-based lube I did the same with it- a little drop and rub… and rub… and rub. This lube has staying power, so much so that I eventually just wiped it off because I got tired of rubbing my fingers together. This is a thick gel lube that is similar to hair gel in it’s consistency- minus the stickiness and chemical smell- that is perfect for both vaginal and anal sex. I love using Maximus for butt toys and plugs that take a bit of patience to insert simply because it’s thicker consistency leaves the toy coated in lube instead of slicking up my fingers and hand. Maximus has not only made a water-based lubricant that is perfect for anal sex (and all of those nice silicone anal toys you have laying around) they have succeeded in making a lube that is more than suitable for both male and female solo sessions. This lube does not even get sticky, tacky or otherwise unpleasant when a small quantity is used for male masturbation. My husband was impressed with it’s performance in that area because of some superglue-like experiences in the past (*cough*Gun Oil*cough*) and, though he will not be giving up the luxury of oil-based lubes to masturbate primarily with this one, he will not shy away from using Maximus for masturbation if vaginal sex is on the menu after manual pleasure.

One of my favorite characteristics of this lubricant is that, instead of getting sticky, it just absorbs right into the skin. I prefer to bask in the afterglow rather than get up and take a shower because my thighs are sticking together from lube and Maximus allows me that pleasure. This is not the best tasting lube on the market as it is bitter so I would recommend that if you intend to perform oral sex on your partner that you do so before lubing up. This lube is both glycerin and gluten- free however it is important to note that Maximus does contain parabens so if you have a sensitivity or prefer to use paraben- free lubricant this is not the lube you should reach for.

I am a very very happy woman to be able to say that Maximus is all it is cracked up to be. In fact, my only complaint is that the 50mL bottle is made out of the hardest to squeeze plastic on Earth. It take some serious squeezing to get this lube to dispense. This size is great for travel- it’s even TSA compliant for carry-on, which I did on my trip to Houston last weekend. The bottle is virtually indestructible and the flip-top cap does not open easily, nor does it leak when on it’s side or upside down which adds to it’s travel friendliness. I will be keeping this bottle to refill from a larger bottle when I travel because of it’s indestructibility and TSA compliant size but I will definitely be purchasing a larger bottle to use at home because 1.) Maximus ROCKS and 2.) if I have to squeeze this hard I at least want something sizeable to grab a hold of.

If you do not have a bottle of Maximus, I highly recommend that you head over to Babeland and get one immediately.

This lube was provided to me by Babeland free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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