Review: Jimmyjane Iconic Duckie

The first thing I thought if when I saw the Jimmyjane Iconic Duckie was ‘How cute! It’s a classier version of the yellow duck!’ The Iconic Duckie comes in shades of grey and white instead of the usual rubber duckie yellow and has the words Iconic Duckie in it’s chest. The more subtle coloring makes it a little less strange to have sitting on the edge of your bathtub if you don’t have children (or children of the appropriate age to be playing with bath toys) simply because the muted colors make this toy less noticeable.

The duckie comes in the classic, simple Jimmyjane packaging with an image of the toy, a brief explanation of The Usual Suspects Collection that duckie is a part of, instructions for use and, hidden away under the pink insert inside the box, a bit of interesting information about the original I Rub My Duckie waterproof vibrator. Did you know that the duckie was featured in a Japanese IBM commercial? What about the fact that it was the first sex toy ever featured on ABC’s The View? Neither did I. These are just few of the tidbits to be found inside the box. I found it to be interesting that Jimmyjane included some information one what exactly makes duckie a true Icon. Duckie comes packaged with it’s own AAA battery so it is immediately ready for play as soon as you get it. The box can be reused to hold your vibrator if you wish as there is no destruction necessary to get into the packaging, simply slit the seal and open the back of the box.

This cute little vibrator measures 3″ from breast to the tip of the tail and sits just over 3″ tall. It’s tummy has a circumference of 5 3/4″ and it’s head measures 4 1/4″ including the duck bill. According to the package this toy is made from phthalate-free PVC which, though it has no smell, is not sterilizable so keep in mind if you intend to share duckie with someone you are not fluid-bonded with, pop it into a condom or, for a much easier time wrapping it up, into a nitrile or latex glove and tie off the end to keep it from escaping. This vibrator is completely waterproof as long as the battery compartment is completely closed. Duckie has floated it’s way around my sink (albeit upside down, it’s a bit top heavy!) with no internal moisture whatsoever even when left fully immersed and running.

This toy is a single speed, medium intensity vibrator and it is LOUD. The noise generated from this toy leave no question to anyone in the room what you are doing and, if you have thin walls, everyone in your home will hear this toy quite clearly. I ran this toy side by side with my Hitachi Magic Wand and this duckie is every bit as loud as the Hitachi on low speed. While the entire toy does vibrate the vibrations are much more focused and intense in the tail of the duck. This vibrator is most likely not going to give you or your partner an earth shattering orgasm but what it will do is warm you up, tease you, hold you close to the edge and possibly give you a gentle orgasm. Though the orgasm received from this toy is not a toe-curling, screaming, thrashing orgasm it is pleasant and attainable without having to struggle for an hour to achieve it. The best way I have found to use this sex toy is to turn it upside down so that it’s tail is against your clitoris and it’s head is nestled between your labia. Don’t try to insert the toy- it’s not designed for that and that cute little duckie bill digs and pokes in a not so cute way if it becomes nestled too far into you. I did not use any lubricant with this toy, however, if you choose to do so both water-based and silicone lubes are perfectly acceptable to use.

I did not try to use the Iconic Duckie anally as, again, that is not the intentions of this toy. If you do use it anally, I do not recommend inserting it and, since it cannot be sterilized, be sure to cover the vibrator so it does not pick up any back door bacteria.

To clean your Iconic Duckie, warm water and soap or a 10% bleach solution can be used but do not boil your toy or you will kill your duckie!

Want one? Go get your own Jimmyjane Iconic Duckie at Babeland.

This toy was provided to me by Babeland free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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  4. This thing was much smaller than I expected and much more powerful than I had imagined. I was hoping it would float straight, but you take what you can get ;)

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