Sexy Fruit To Go

I have heard wonderful things about Shunga for so long that I had to get some for myself. There was just one problem… I couldn’t decide on which item to purchase first! Enter the Geisha’s Secrets Collection with it’s perfect-for-travel sizes of five of their most popular products and a travel size feather tickler added for good measure. The box is beautifully decorated with Shunga’s signature Japanese erotic art and perfectly contains an information pamphlet and ingredients list, three glass .35 oz vials, one each of Libido Massage Oil, Bath & Shower Tasty Gel and ‘Intimate Kisses’ Aphrodisiac Oil as well as two .125 oz pots, one each of ‘Sweet Snow’ Edible Body Powder and Sensations Balm. The insert is removable and the sturdy box can then be used for storage of small things such as AA, AAA and watch batteries or a few condoms or dams.

First up is the ‘Intimate Kisses’ Aphrodisiac Oil in Orgy of Grapes. This stuff reminds me of something decidedly unsexy- Children’s Grape Dimetapp. It smells and tastes exactly like it and, unfortunately, that is a scent I just can’t shake. It leaves skin very slightly sticky once rubbed in, but it is nothing that you would have to get up and dash to the shower for if used in small quantities. The aphrodisiac oil is stated to have a warming effect when blown upon but neither my husband or I noticed this when using it. This product does contain glycerin and coloring that could possibly stain some fabrics so if I would steer clear of the expensive sheets when playing with this oil.

Next up is Sensation Balm in Blazing Cherry. This is, as expected, horrible in taste. What is it with cherry flavored sex products that just taste so awful?? The product is a shocking fuchsia colored gel (see photo above) that is about the consistency of gel icing and smells faintly of cherry medicine. This gel contains 7.5% benzocaine and is intended for use as a male desensitizer but can be used as a desensitizing gel in other locations as well- orally, on the nipples, labia, clitoris- be creative! This product doesn’t taste good, but it is very effective at numbing for short time periods, I would say about 10 minutes or so before it begins to fade. This product contains coloring that I am positive will stain as well as sucralose, parabens and glycerin so those that have sensitivities to these may not be able to use this gel.

Third in line is ‘Sweet Snow’ Edible Body Powder. This powder reminds me of Kama Sutra Honey Dust but not as sweet and sticky. Unlike the Honey Dust, Sweet Snow can actually be used as a body powder quite easily as it has more cornstarch than honey and sweetener and thus actually prevents you from sticking as opposed to the other way around! I didn’t like Sweet Snow much at first because of it’s more subtle flavor but once it is rubbed into the skin the starchy flavor is not so strong and instead leaves behind a soft sweet little something to be discovered by your partner as they kiss and lick your skin. The included feather tickler can be used with this- we found that it was easier to dust a little of the snow over the skin and then run the feathers through and over it once it is sprinkled onto skin. As I discovered, it has a tendency to make a mess when using the tickler as an applicator straight from the pot. Sweet Snow does contain aspartame and, though it does not have that ‘diet’ taste to it, I am mentioning it because some people, myself included, prefer to avoid artificial sweeteners altogether.

Fourth in line- Libido Massage Oil in Exotic Fruits. This is as near perfect of a massage oil I have found to date. It is light and, because it contains no mineral oil, absorbs into the skin easily and leaves no greasy residue behind. It absorbs easily but not too quickly, allowing for a good 10- 15 minute massage before needing to reapply. This oil is very nourishing for your skin as it contains Sweet Almond Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Sesame Oil, Avocado Oil, Safflower Oil and Vitamin E as well as a bit of Ylang Ylang and fragrance. When giving or receiving a massage the scent is not overpowering but instead is a light, fruity scent reminiscent of fruit candy. I love love love this oil! I cannot stand feeling like I am coated in crisco when I’m getting a massage and this oil is nice and light so I can actually enjoy my massage and then curl up and snuggle instead of needing to ruin my relaxation by having to get up and take a shower.

Last but definitely not least is the Bath & Shower Tasty Gel in Exotic Fruits. This is a unique shower gel in the fact that it is edible. Yes, you read that correctly- edible. Now, you’re not going to want to sit around drinking the stuff but a lick or kiss will result in a light flavor that is reminiscent of jolly rancher candy. The lather is lightly sweet, fruity and rich and a little of this shower gel goes a very long way. It is very faintly pink in color and, if you happen to spill it on fabric, a quick rinse washes it right out without leaving any discoloration behind. I really like this shower gel- it’s fun and certainly adds an element of spontaneity to your morning shower! As this does contain glycerin and several types of oils, if you are particularly sensitive I would recommend a quick rinse prior to penetration. This gel also contains aspartame as a sweetener as well as SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) which can be very drying for individuals with sensitive skin.

Eden Fantasys carries this kit, which is perfect to purchase to get a feel for several products at once without the sizes being too large and creating a lot of waste if you do not care for one of the items. The sizes are large enough for several uses so that you are able to get a good idea if you like a particular item. It is a perfect size for travel, just be sure to put it in your checked luggage if you are flying as the vials are glass, great for recycling but not allowed in carry on luggage. The box is well made so it will not fall to pieces in your luggage, spilling it’s contents into your suitcase and the insert is made so that the items do not shift and bang together inside the box. I am quite confident that the contents will travel quite safely without breakage.

product picture
Sensual kit by Shunga Erotic Art
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