You Little Rascal!

Oh, the Little Rascal… I’d gone back and forth on getting him for quite some time before actually making the plunge. With a length of only 5 1/2″ (and less insertable) as well as being O2, a material I had never experienced, I wasn’t sure that it would be a wise purchase. What if it wasn’t long enough? I knew the material was safe, O2 is made by Tantus and is 100% silicone, but what if I hated the feel and texture of it? What if it was too squishy and, in turn, floppy? Fortunately for me, my worries were all unfounded.

I chose pink as the color of my Rascal and, at the base, it is PINK. Think pink plastic yard flamingo, pink highlighter pink. I LOVE it for being brazen instead of a pale, powder puff pink, I am very easily bored by the same pale, muted, safe colors that sex toys seem to be so frequently seen in. The base and core are made out of very firm pink silicone and wrapped over this firm core is soft, squishy light white silicone that is reminiscent of cyberskin and other lifelike materials. The firm core prevents any floppiness that lifelike materials tend to have, making thrusting enjoyable instead of an exercise in frustration.

Rascal is 5 1/2′ long from the base of the shaft to tip and perches jauntily atop a 3″ diameter base. It has a circumference of 5 1/2″ at the base of the shaft and increasing slightly in girth as you travel up the ridged shaft to 5 3/4″ at it’s widest point. Ladies and gentlemen, this is one very short, very thick dick who’s girth is only emphasized by the squishiness. If you do not like toys with a lot of girth to them, move along now, Rascal is not what you are looking for. If you are looking for a dildo for fast, deep thrusting, Rascal is not for you. If you are looking for a fantastic sense of fullness, a toy that is meant for slow thrusting or grinding, you have a winner! Rascal may just be a perfect fit for you. If you are up for it, Rascal is also safe for anal play as it’s base is plenty wide enough to prevent any disappearing acts. I do not have the nerve to even point at my bum with him, so I cannot attest to how it feels anally.

O2 has a considerable amount of drag to it which I happen to love, but I do realize not everyone does, so it merits a mention. The drag coupled with the girth of this toy make a high quality water-based lube essential, at least for me. Since O2 is silicone, be sure that the lube you use is water-based as silicone lube and silicone toys do not play well together. I discovered when using Rascal that slow thrusts allow each of the ten ridges to be felt quite clearly, even though they do not appear very pronounced when looking at the toy. I also found that this makes a fantastic dildo for grinding because it is soft enough that there are no unpleasant pinches yet the firm core gives something substantial to grind against. One more thing Rascal fits the bill perfectly for is to get a feeling of fullness and something to clench down onto when masturbating anally or using a clitoral vibrator.

Rascal does come with a single speed mini bullet that can very easily be replaced with any bullet of similar size. To allow for easy removal of the mini vibe, drop a drop or two of lube in the hole of the dildo before inserting the bullet or you will have hell getting it out. I discovered this little trick here quite some time ago and it has been a lifesaver (well, dildo saver.) Because of the squishiness of this dildo the vibrations are very diffused, more of a pleasant rumble than anything that could be called pinpoint. Rascal is harness compatible, however the base is not completely flat but is slightly conical and, for me, made it slightly uncomfortable when worn with a harness. The length may also present issues for people more accustomed to using a longer dildo when using in a harness. Two final things to note- Rascal is a fuzz magnet, much more so even than my other silicone toys so keep him packaged away and give him a quick rinse before use. Due to the soft nature of O2 it will pick up impressions of objects it is laid against. I found this out because when the toy was shipped, it was shipped with another item and the packaging for that item left a faint line impression that has not disappeared with time, washing and use. It has not affected the use of the toy and is quite small, I only notice it because I know it is there, however I do keep the fact that it is prone to this in mind when it comes to storage and make sure it does not press against any hard edges.

I do not use this dildo daily, it is not the most frequently used toy in my collection, but it definitely DEFINITELY has a well loved place in my stash and is one of my favorite toys. I reach for this dildo when I want girth over length, slow and grinding over hard and fast. I love Rascal and am only aggravated with myself that it took so long for me to buy it. Head on over to Eden Fantasys to pick up your own Rascal O2.

product picture
$83.99Rascal O2
Dildo by Tantus
Material: Silicone
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